Vikini is the T-shirt brand using silk screen printing method. It is not Bikini, it has special meaning to use letter V instead of its original spelling.

Through the sound which it rings from this word, it's intending of misconception and misleading of people's ordinal images to it.

The reason why to put Vikini as a T-shirt brand, it is the word which we would imagine to make resistance against great political offenders and other callous cruelties. Make clear to state our intention of protest, provocation, and impugnment. Also the other side, it reminds us of sexy swim wear. We can enjoy these totally different meanings in this word.

However, why such sexy swim wear is started to call

In 1945, the U.S. military dropped atomic bombs to Hiroshima, then Nagasaki. It was the indiscriminate acts of mass murder, also the first time experiment to human body.
Just a year later in 1946, they started to drop other atomic bombs to
Bikini atoll, in the Marshall Islands, and they called as 'nuclear experimentation'. It was repeatedly performed until 1958 with causing many human victims along with destroying coral leafs and natures. These experimentations were totally justified by them. In 1954, they even named "Bravo experimentation" to such mad and unacceptable activity.

Apart from this, in 1946, a French fashion designer introduced new swim wear which was almost to look bare naked. People were very shocked to see as if it was like the atomic bombing (experimentation) to those islands, that's why the newly designed swim wear was started to call Bikini.
As to us Japanese, it sounds like that swim wear was named Hiroshima or Nagasaki meaninglessly.

Although it was such a dumb naming to that swim wear, it means that the ordinary people were never recognized the reality of atomic experimentation. Probably they've just named because to feel like "New atomic devise are something super!"

If they knew the true story about nuclear weapons and its result, they shouldn't call Bikini, the vicious incident of atomic attack to that sexy swim wear.

For these days, people don't know the real story hiding behind in history about Bikini. The convinced criminal offended by U.S. government.

People will keep naming Bikini or something similar to the object, or the unknown future incidents which occurs to them. The reason is they don't know anything what is happening around them in real. But we should know the truth, and to consider why this brand is named Vikini.

All the
Vikini's T-shirt designs were printed by silk screen method, and are wearable art message. If you don't understand the meaning of the words what printed on, yet it is worth to wear. Just walk around the streets wearing these aggressive messages and slogans. It is my ideal way of attacking towards gigantic and irrational power. It's very simple and clear indeed.

For me, attacking those targets by using designs are the best. It is wiser than killing people in real world. Also some jokes and ironies should be in them, as personal,
I prefer the words and phrases that people might think as taboo.
I just hate those fake tractable messages disguised from the truth.

It would be very nice if the numbers of people are starting to wear them as a part of their daily fashion, and it is my dream. This is the assault using weapon of commercial material and, not volunteering or something of easy way going.

I really hope that it would become the social attention. So that we can avoid propagandas from the media, and even use them as reverse acquisition.

Think it! Feel it! Dispute, Laugh and Be Cynical! Then, Groove with it!
I hope you would enjoy to wearing these
Vikini T-shirts.

(Translated by Yumi Ohyanagi)

(C) VIKINI. All rights reserved.